What are the quality requirements for reviews?

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Our publication model can only work if reviewers take their work seriously. We, therefore, conduct regular quality checks to ensure that the minimum requirements for the provided reviews are met. You will only be paid if all of the following criteria are met:

  • Reviews comply with common academic standards and norms.
  • All reviews were provided within 3 weeks (preferably 2 weeks) after getting access to the original or revised manuscripts. An exception to this rule needs approval by our staff.
  • The reviews must demonstrate a thorough engagement with the reviewed paper, documented by a first starting paragraph summarizing its key points and content.
  • The reviews need to include detailed, constructive, and accurate feedback on the strength and weaknesses of the paper (including paragraphs that highlight ways in which the paper can be improved).
  • The review needs to cover all parts/sections of the paper (e.g., introduction, methods, results, discussion).
  • The language must be professional and polite; the reviewer must comply with ethical and scientific standards and norms.
  • The reviewer has completed several multiple-choice questions concerning the reviewed paper.
  • If the editor decides to send the paper out for several rounds of reviews, the reviewer has to complete all requested reviews to be compensated.

We have provided detailed guidelines for reviewers here.

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